Horoscope Analysis of Kishore Kumar’s Birth Chart

Horoscope Analysis of Kishore Kumar’s Birth Chart

(Date of Birth: 04th August 1929 Time: 16:00 Khandwa, M.P. India)
Longitude: 76 E 20, Latitude 21 N 50

Rising Sign results

Ascendant – Sagittarius

A Sagittarian represents a well proportional and developed body, large forehead, bushy eyebrows, bright eyes, fair complexion and handsome figure. A Sagittarian is highly spirited, bold, courageous and pushful and does not flutter nor fear or tremble under adverse conditions. Being born in a fiery sign energy, enthusiasm, vigour, vitality etc. displays and great love for outdoor life, sports and athletics. Being born in the 9th sign of zodiac, try to have higher education, has desire to develop friendship with foreigners, loves foreign culture or tries to know about it. One enjoys life to the full and is always ready for carnival enjoyment of all kind. One likes freedom and personal liberty. One does not like to be ordered and fairs well.

Kishore Kumar had all above qualities. He was very helpful to others and especially he helped people secretly due to placement of Saturn(R) in this sign.

Cluster of planets in Cancer

Kishore Kumar’s Sun, Moon and Mercury are in Cancer, so he had strong attributes of Cancer as well. A Cancerian loves changeful life and has many ups and down in the life. He had fertile imagination and found delight in the strange, unseen and adventure, could adapt to other’s nature and quickly absorbed others ideas, was emotional, over sensitive, talkative and sympathetic. He ably moved public to gain some position to get wealth and honour. He was brave in mental and oral attitude, anger came if anything went in quick alteration. Cancer being, identical with the 4thhouse of the zodiac, he was fond of house, family, and comforts. He disliked tense forceful situation. In love affairs, he was very strong and true and core boundless affection, had deep feeling of loyalty.

Saturn (R) is placed near Ascendant degree so Kishore Kumar got success after a lot of hard work and struggle but he had helped others as it is placed in Jupiter’s pious sign Sagittarius.

Venus (6th & 11th lord) is aspecting Lagna & Saturn & Neptune (4th lord) is also aspecting both. There is sextile aspect between Venus-Neptune, Venus-Saturn & trine aspect between Saturn-Neptune, Sun-Uranus, Mercury-Uranus in trine aspect, played a significant role in the success of Kishore Kumar in the field of singing, acting etc. in Indian Film Industry.

The Ascendant Jupiter in 6th house in Venus’s sign and sextile aspect between Jupiter- Uranus, Jupiter-Sun, Jupiter-Mercury also provide strength to Jupiter.

Planetary cluster in Cancer Sign in the 8th house

The 8th in the subconscious house of the native and has important cluster of planetary energies. Both lumanaries Sun, Moon & Mercury conjunction (7th, 8th, 9th & 10th lord) in 8thhouse, the house of indepth knowledge and research so the native was very strong in getting ideas subconsciously. The native got ideas, concepts & creativity intuitively as SUN is the dispositor of Mars & Neptune (5th & 4th lord respectively), MOON is dispositor of Sun & Mercury (9th & 7th & 10th lord) & MERCURY is the dispositor of Venus (6th & 11thlord) & Pluto (12th lord) so the 8th house and conjunction of SUN- MOON-MERCURY was prominent in the chart of native and harmonious aspects on these planets like that of Jupiter (1st Lord) and Uranus (3rd lord) also provide strength to this conjunction. Inharmonious aspect of Rahu also gives strength to the native that is why the native was very alert & active in current trends & customs.

Sextile and trine aspects amongst Rahu, Pluto & Mars (placed in 5th, 7th & 9threspectively) also gives strength, energy and power to promote his creativity.

Conjunction of Sun-Mercury in Eighth House (in Cancer Sign)

The key notes of this conjunction are mind and common sense, a thinking individual , the power of thought, understanding and knowledge and a subjective personal out look. According to classical authors the native intelligently executes his plans and thus earns name, fame and happiness. There is fixity of purpose and good analytical frame of mind. The native is in the good books of his seniors for having a good subordinates qualities.

Conjunction of Sun-Moon in Eighth House (in Cancer Sign)

There is identification of conscious will and sub-conscious feelings. The native is emotionally so much impulsive that he concentrates all his forces on one area of expression. The native tends to be erratic because there is tendency to alternate between the masculine and feminine traits. The native is very much involved with his home and children as far as his creative side of expression is concerned.

Opposition of Saturn (R) & Venus in First & Seventh House

This aspect signified hard heartedness, sensuality, jealousy, dissatisfaction, self torment and emotional inhibitions. The native is either shy or strictly formal towards others, tending himself to be full of etiquette. He is sometimes of melancholic disposition and frequently suffers emotional frustrations and financial hardships.

The native faces troubles and disappointments in love, romance, marriage and partnerships as a result he may become antisocial and may resort to extra marital pleasures and sensuality. This spouse tends to be harsh, dictatorial, unresponsive and older than the native. Quite a few natives are very calculative in acquiring wealth and to them wealth can bring all happiness in life. The native may incur losses through business, speculative deals, investments, lands, mines, companies and theft.

Sun-Jupiter harmonious aspect (sextile aspect)

The native is humane, sympathetic, generous, philanthropic, charitable, honest, social and hopeful. He possess good moral qualities and enjoys sound health. He enjoys social recognition and gains success in material and spiritual arena. He is endowed with broad outlook, farsightedness and sound judgment. The native has influential friends and acquaintances. The native enjoys good health and abundant vitality. The native is interested in foreign culture and life.

Sun-Uranus harmonious aspect (trine aspect)

This aspect is concerned with original talent, consciousness of and concentration upon objectives, perception and farsightedness; love of independence in action as well in expression, mobility; striving for reforms, association with societies and group activities, research, exploration, adventure, transportation, aerial and electronic matters and electronic media of communication. The native has magnetism, is endowed with virtues like spiritual insight and originality.

Sun-Rahu-Ketu inharmonious aspect (square aspect)

At times there is inharmonious attitudes towards people in environment and inability to function in cooperation. The native is unable to make use of prevalent moral and social values for his benefit. He is not at right place at right time. He is unable to form romantic attachments.

Mars-Jupiter inharmonious aspect (square aspect)

Hasty decision, premature actions, immoderation, exaggeration and rebelliousness against rules, regulations and superiors are the keynotes of this aspect. He uses the power and status so obtained for his own purposes of material well being and gratification of passions. The native is restless, hates relaxation and loves constant action and stimulation. He may have to face difficulties during long journey’s in foreign lands and through litigations and legal affairs. The native may suffer from feverish complaints, disorders of blood and liver, has danger from fire and accidents.

Mars-Pluto harmonious aspect (sextile aspect)

This aspect signifies extraordinary vigour, great confidence, a very strong will power, ambition and ability to engage oneself in tasks continuously. The native as matter of fact has ability to reform and regenerate his life through his will-power, constructiveness and ability to take prompt decisions intuitively. The native is daring, fearless and strong, defends his interests or what he thinks right. His strong will power is his chief instrument. The native likes dynamic conditions in life. The native has ability to engage himself in constructive tasks continuously because of his muscular strength.

Mars-Rahu inharmonious aspect (square aspect)

Sometimes the native is not in harmony with present day trends and beliefs, he lags behind in reaping the opportunities. His timing of action is faulty and does not bring him success. His action irritate others and bring him frustration and disgrace. The native is lascivious, shuns any action except sexual fancies.

Mars-Saturn inharmonious aspect (square aspect)

This aspect is concerned with obstinacy, self will, harshness, quick-temper, violence, resentment, selfishness and revengeful feelings, the native faces resentment and frustration in his efforts which develop negative attitude in him.

This is a karmic effect, for that misfortunes hang over him and people in authority do not respond to his cause. The native is ridden with many psychological defects, such as selfishness, his interest in any enterprise or activity lasts only such time as is required for overcoming his main difficulties. The native faces notoriety, criticism, opposition, scandal, disorder in his dealings as such he is liable to loss and failure in business. He may face harsh, dirty and dangerous condition in his occupation.

Venus-Neptune harmonious aspect (sextile aspect)

High ideals, good tastes, dreaminess, receptivity for beauty, art, music, tendency to be influenced and sensitivity in love are the key notes of this aspect. The native is good at art, music, signing, drama and beauty in all forms. He is highly romantic in nature and disinclined towards practical affairs generally. The native most likely enters into unusual marriage and hopes it to be an ideal relationship. He is spiritually, emotional and aesthetically refined person. The native is highly inspirational, and quickly responds to kindness, sympathy, love and appreciation. He displays grace and gentleness in social expression. The native attains gains and pleasure through friends, association and acquitances.

Planetary Yoga’s

Lagnadhi Yoga

Benefic planets occupy the 6th, 7th & 8th houses from the Lagna.

The native born in this yoga will produce many scientific works, acquire philosophical training, will be pious and generous and will enjoy the advantages generated out of the fame & fortune.

Durudhura Yoga

If the planets except the Sun, are present in the 2nd & 12th from the Moon, Durudhara Yoga is caused.

The person with Durudhura Yoga will be beautiful, will enjoy enormous wealth & comforts.

Ubhayachari Yoga

If the planets except the Moon, are present in the 2nd & 12th from the Sun, Ubhayachari Yoga is caused.

The individual born under Ubhayachari Yoga will be even bodied, firm, proudy, over enthusiastic, eloquent speaker, wealthy & famous.

Raj Yoga

Conjunction of 9th & 10th lord (Sun-Mercury) in 8th house

Conjunction of 4th & 5th lord (Neptune & Mars) in 9th house Yoga’s for Wealth 2nd lord Saturn in Ascendant with an Adhi Yoga from Ascendant Jupiter in 6thhouse in the other sign of 11th lord Venus & 11th lord Venus is in 7th house. Opposition aspect & relation between 2nd & 11th lords which are placed in ascendant & 7th house gave belated prosperity.

The wealth of others i.e. 8th house, Sun-Moon-Mercury all are benefic planets and are placed in this house; it means by the talent & creativity the native got wealth from others.

The placement of Jupiter in 6th house also provides the native good wealth as it is the house of favours from bank, client & sub-ordinates etc.

Yoga’s for Name & Fame

Sextile aspect between Venus (dispositor of Lagnesh Jupiter) & Neptune (4th lord and dispositor of Uranus). Uranus is making a harmonious aspect to Sun, Moon & Mercury.

Conjunction of Sun-Moon-Mercury (7th, 8th, 9th & 10th lord and dispositors of Venus, Pluto, Mars & Neptune)

Jupiter in 6th and its favourable aspect on 10th house & on both sides of Lagna also provide strength & popularity to the native.

Karaka of public i.e. Moon is in own sign alongwith two benefic planets with sextile aspect of Jupiter to it and trine aspect of Uranus to it also give it strength.

Madhyayu Yoga

* 8th lord is combust

8th to 8th means 3rd lord Saturn is retrograde

Sun-Moon are aspected by Rahu (4th aspect)

Lagnesh is also under affliction (square aspect of Mars on it)

Sun, Moon, Mercury sandwiched between Venus-Pluto and Mars-Neptune show lax habits and over emotional workholic involvement causing middle aged demise of the Kishore Kumar.

Combinations for Multiple Marriages

Placement of Venus in 7th house in dual sign (dual marriage)

Pluto also placed in 7th house which is promising regeneration in any kind of partnership, especially marriage.

7th lord and dispositor of Venus-Pluto Mercury in 8th house and is combust and in inharmonious aspect of Rahu.

Saturn’s aspect on 7th house and Venus means loss of getting pleasure, peace of mind basically in relationships with women folk.

*Remarriage (from social sector or affairs etc) is seen by 11th house where Ketu is placed and Venus (dispositor of Ketu) is also under affliction showing failure in marriages or emotional relationships.

Dasha Predictions

Dasha of Saturn (August, 1929 to February, 1941)

Kishore Kumar was born in the Dasha/Bhukti of Saturn/Venus. Saturn is the lord of 2nd & 3rd house and placed in Lagna. Saturn was retro in the birth chart, so Kishore was stubborn, naughty & shy in nature in the dasha of Saturn. In the Dasha/Bhukti of Saturn/Mars, when Kishore was 6 years old he accidentally got his toe amputated and due to continuous crying at that time around one month he found melody in his voice.

Dasha of Mercury (February, 1941 to February, 1958)

Mercury is the lord of 7th & 10th house and placed in 8th house in combust position with the conjunction of Sun & Moon (9th & 8th lord) and Mercury is also dispositor of Venus & Pluto. In this Dasha Kishore established himself as an actor & singer in the film industry. Due to Mercury’s relationship with above planets the native was known as comedy oriented hero. The first marriage of Kishore (with Ruma) was held in 1951 in the Dasha/Bhukti/Pratyantar of Mercury/Rahu/Jupiter & birth of child (Amit Kumar) on 3rd July, 1952 in the Dasha/Bhukti/Pratyantar of Mercury/Rahu/Venus. Kishore also bought a house in this dasha.

Dasha of Ketu (February, 1958 to February, 1965)

Ketu is in the sign of Venus and placed in 11th house, his dispositor Venus placed in 7th house in dual sign. In Ketu’s dasha he got success in two films “Luko Churi” (Bangla film) and “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi”. Ketu is having Adhiyoga from Jupiter, the Lagna Lord but it had to give the karmic effect of the past life through his sign lord Venus being in 7th in conjunction with Pluto (12th lord) i.e. an incessant regeneration in marriage relationship i.e. multiple marriages. Thus Ketu showed the bad part of it. In this dasha the starting was good wherein he got popularity in films and rebuilt his house but rest of all dashas created so many problems to Kishore in his career as well as married life. The demise of his father also happened in this dasha.

Dasha of Venus (February, 1965 to February, 1985)

Venus is the lord of 6th & 11th house and also dispositor of Jupiter (Lagna) & Ketu. Neptune’s (4th lord) sextile aspect on Venus and square aspect of Uranus (3rd lord) & opposition of Saturn (2nd & 3rd lord) so all these combinations gave abrupt rise in career followed by regeneration in married partnership i.e. an end of earlier marriage and beginning of new.

Venus being in Gemini (a sign of communication) in the 7th house and relation with Neptune (4thlord) he got public recognition of his melodious voice and versatile talents and amassed a lot of wealth because Venus is dispositor of Lagna Lord Jupiter placed in the 6th imbibing a workaholic attitude in Kishore Kumar, coming out of an inspiration from public recognition.

Due to opposition of Saturn & square aspect of Uranus on Venus and conjunction with Pluto made him indulge in unexpected, irrelevant & eccentric activities for basic impulse of Uranus on the unconscious mind.

In this dasha Kishore was topmost playback singer of Indian Film Industry. He was most expensive singer of that time till his death.

Dasha of Sun (February, 1985 to 13th October, 1987)

Sun being placed in the 8th house with Moon (8th lord) and Mercury (7th lord) these planets have to give the results of Mars-Neptune & Venus-Pluto i.e. lax habits and emotional attachments to those habits and emotional workaholic tendency putting a great pressure on his heart, thus the untimely demise case in the Dasha/Bhukti/Pratyantar of Sun/Jupiter/Moon on 13th October, 1987.

Transit of 13th October, 1987

At the time of death the Sun was afflicted by Mars and was in conjunction with Rahu-Ketu axis and the Moon was passing through the natal’s 7th house in conjunction with Pluto.